I tend not to use the title of "DJ" whenever I speak to people.

I'm not a DJ, I'm a host.

A legitimate "DJ" has the skill to mix discs at such a way, that it is an art form... I have a lot of respect for DJ's, and, yes, I'd love to be able to do what they could do... But, I can't. 

I  use the term "DJ" with search engines, but, that's only due to most people using that particular form of search, or, due to specific websites not allowing me to choose other variations.

This doesn't detract from what I can offer, I have a legitimate passion for music, I have the experience to adapt to any music tastes of the crowds that I have performed to over the years.


It's no accident that I've been in constant work since 2004.

But, to actually call myself a "DJ" would be a lie - I use legally purchased digital downloads with appropriate software.

Whatever happens at your event, the one thing that I pride myself on, and, the only thing that matters to me, is making sure that the music is perfect for you.

After all is said and done, you're paying for a service, thus, I always try to make sure that any specific genre, or, act that you're a fan of, I'll work hard to, legally, obtain the music, plus, work the playlist around your choices.

It's your event... I want to make it as close to perfect as possible

The first disco (and karaoke) that I hosted was in 2004, in the City College Norwich Bar (It's no longer there, but, I remember it very well). I volunteered as a favour to the, then, Student's Union President (he didn't want to pay the extra for a host, so, I did it for a couple of drinks).


The people that I was hosting with (Kings Karaoke - and, yes, they taught me A LOT - for that, I'll always be grateful) offered me the chance to host on a regular basis.


For the next 13 years, I ended up hosting in such venues ranging from small pubs (literally using the small box-rooms) to lavish wedding receptions at prestigious venues (including the marquee at Sprowston Manor Hotel).


The main reason for keeping in this line of work for so long? I have legitimate passion for music… Combine that with a wide, eclectic knowledge, I've been able to keep dancefloors occupied by a varied range of audiences – from school children, all the way up to the grandparents.


Regardless of the occasion, I have always made sure that I research as much about the event as possible – ranging from the bride and groom's favourite songs, to the latest pop-crazes that are setting the dance-floors alight… Making sure that the customer is as happy as possible.

The disco setup can fill a stage, or, fit into a tight corner - depending on your event needs, I can adapt.

*Some of the photos were kindly provided by Daniel Clegg Photography